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# 9130


by Julia S. Rasor

36" x 17" x 18" | Mixed Media | $3,500.00

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Status: Available

Current Location: Artist's San Diego Studio

Betrayed depicts the emotion - crushed with hurt, bent knees, head thrown back - however, with fist raised in defiance, this betrayal will not keep him down and he has armored himself to protect his feelings from further damage. Collector's description: “ ‘Betrayed’ portrays exactly what the artist is feeling in her heart--a sense of hurt and betrayal, but she is not broken. Her knees are bent with the pain and weight of the betrayal, but she shakes her fist at the sky and refuses to break--what a powerful and brave piece. Sensing the emotion behind this work, it personally gives me courage to face the betrayals of life without being crushed. There is a Trojan quality to this work which speaks to overcoming adversity.” -Exhibited at San Diego County Fair, Del Mar Fine Art Exhibit June 7-July 6, 2014. -Exhibited at the Herbert . Turner Gallery, Oceanside Museum of Art 2014 -Exhibited at The Studio Door, Open Studios San Diego 2015



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