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Wrench in the Gears

by Julia S. Rasor

27" x 12" x 13" | Steel | $350.00

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Status: Available

Current Location: San Diego Artist's Retreat Gallery and Studio

Wrench in the Gears represents how many feel as a result of the 2007 Great Recession and Financial Crisis. The sculpture hand is made from steel wire and mesh mounted on found rusty industrial steel artifacts. I found it interesting to look at the synonyms for the term "wrench in the gears". My goal in making my Wrench in the Gears sculpture was to create a visualization and resulting feelings of the global great recession of our times, some of which are found in this synonym list: • cramp one's style • throw a curve • thwart • upset the apple cart • disappoint • stall • baffle • beat • cramp • dash • defeat • foil • forestall • frustrate • hinder • obstruct • prevent • ruin • stop



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